How Tony Robbins’ book helped me with a Breakup in 30 Days

Hana Kobayashi
4 min readMay 20

“Some things break your heart but fix your vision.” — Unknown

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When I recently went through a difficult breakup and family issue, I was overwhelmed with stress. It hurt me deeply that my ex-partner wasn’t there when I needed him the most. After reflecting on what had happened, it became clear to me that one of the common themes among all my past relationships was “You are a great person but we just can’t connect.” This realisation led me to start prioritizing self-care in order to address this issue head-on and make sure it didn’t happen again in future relationships.

I started looking for resources online about how best to approach self-care during tough times like these, and stumbled across Tony Robbins’ book Awaken The Giant Within — A Guide To Taking Control Of Your Life And Creating Lasting Change. Immediately after reading some reviews from people who had already read this book, I knew it would be perfect for helping tackle my issues regarding connecting with others better!

To be clear, I have not finished reading yet. But I can already feel something is changing in me. I read many other Self-help books such as Law of Attraction and Psychology stuff in the past. But it did not resonate with me or had a lasting impact. But I would like to highlight what changed me after reading his book.

  1. Help you reevaluate your life
    This book starts with discovering the deepest desire. If you follow the recommended exercise in the book, it will help you learn about your goals and passion. I thought I already knew mine before reading this book but I have never written them down. So writing them down gave me a greater sense of purpose and joy. The book includes amazing anecdotes about Tony Robbin's personal life and his friends that help me rethink my core values. What I find useful most is I started focusing on the people around me and started to feel grateful for what I have. Another good thing about writing down is you can see the list every day. Surprisingly, it will motivate you and stay focused. He recommends you review the list twice a day.
  2. Keep you more accountable to achieve goals
    The book focuses on action plans. So yes, you will need to take action but sometimes life gets in the way to achieve your goals. For example, getting…
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