How did a hospitality worker become a data analyst without an additional degree?

Hana Kobayashi
5 min readOct 1, 2021
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I dreamt to be a data analyst since a decade ago.
I became interested in data analysis when I was completing my hospitality management degree. The marketing subject touched on segmentation and the importance of understanding the data. I enjoyed analysing charts and graphs to make sense of what the data meant. From that day, I dreamt to be in the marketing / analytic field. Unfortunately, I had to choose a different career path due to my visa restrictions.

After I got my permanent residency visa in Australia, I decided to explore my career option. I met intelligent and experienced data analysts when I was doing some research. These people all had pretty intimating educational and career backgrounds. Master of Engineering Degree, Statistics, Computer Science, with 10 years of IT programming experience.

I thought to myself, there is no way I get to be a data analyst.

Especially I only worked in the hospitality industry at the time. I did not even have any office experience. I do not hate studying but spending more money and a degree seemed daunting. Completing a degree is not an option.

It seemed impossible to achieve my dream.

After 6 months of job hunting, I managed to land a marketing officer position at a college. I thought being a marketing officer would mean I will get to do strategic planning and data analytics. Unfortunately, I could not be more wrong. It was nothing but door-knocking sales and dealing with complaints. Most of all, I sucked at sales. But I focused on adding value to the college through data and building the relationship with stakeholders. I started creating surveys and analysed the data to attract clients instead of me begging clients to come to the college. As I said, I was not a good salesperson but my data analysis helped improve the brand image for sure. I started receiving more inquiries before I resigned from my sales role.

Then I moved to a customer support role as I wanted to pursue another career that I can have a data-driven approach. You may be surprised why I chose to be in the customer support role. I made the decision because I noticed that customer inquires and complaints have some patterns and…

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