Habits transformed my life in less than 3 months

Hana Kobayashi
8 min readSep 5

“it is the small decisions you and I make every day that create our destinies”

- Anthony Robbins, Awaken The Giant Within

Six months ago, I found myself in a state of heartbreak and confusion. This challenging period was intensified by my dad’s sudden stroke, leaving him partially paralyzed. Adding to the complexity, my mother has bipolar disorder, and being with her became an extremely demanding task. The sense of helplessness I experienced was truly overwhelming, and I also carried a sense of guilt for not wanting to stay with my mum. (Nevertheless, I continue to make an effort to call her twice a week.)

To compound matters, my four-year-long relationship ended abruptly, and the pain deepened as my partner offered no emotional support when I needed it the most. Despite this, a profound emptiness and a longing for closeness nearly consumed me.

Fortunately, my workplace provided me with six free counselling sessions, which proved to be a lifeline. Having someone to confide in and being accountable for my well-being became instrumental in my recovery. By the end of the sixth session, my counsellor was astonished at how well I was managing the situation. To my colleagues’ surprise, who recently learned of my struggles, they even commented on how much happier I appeared.

Here’s what ultimately helped me regain my footing and prevented me from sinking further.

1. Make your health a priority

In the wisdom of Tony Robbins’ “Awaken The Giant Within,” we uncover a powerful truth — humans are driven by the twin forces of pain and pleasure. Until recently, I had never considered myself an athlete, nor did the idea of early morning exercise appeal to me. However, a pivotal moment came when I read his book and simultaneously witnessed my father’s struggle with a stroke. It was then that I made an unwavering commitment to make my health a top priority. To encourage myself to start exercising, I told myself

Pain: The stark reality of my father’s condition served as a stark reminder. I realized that without taking care of my health, I could potentially follow in his footsteps, facing the devastating consequences of a stroke — the inability to walk or even lift a finger.

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