Demystify — cannot change a career once you are in the hospitality; Untrue!

Hana Kobayashi
4 min readJan 7, 2022

I started my hospitality career when I was 19 years old. Perhaps, many people do not choose a career in the hospitality industry but I did. I was shy and I wanted to feel confident about meeting new people that is why I chose to study hospitality management. I also thought it looked like a fun job — surrounded by exquisite cuisine and beverage and I will have opportunities to travel. I also worked at a global hotel brand so hotel staff discounts looked pretty attractive. Why not?

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  1. You just cannot change a career from the hospitality industry to the others

I decided to change my career because I just simply could not cope with shift works and wanted to pursue my passion. Many of my ex-classmates, who also studied the Bachelor of hospitality management also tried changing careers because they also realised being in the hospitality industry started to drain them, too. I am an immigrant and I speak English as a second language. My language skill is less competent than local Australian. Because of the language skill or opportunities, the only career I had was in Food and Beverage — restaurants. I barely had an opportunity even at the hotel reception/front desk.

Many of my classmates/best friends said to me

‘No, it is hard to change a career from hospitality to another industry (especially in the food and beverage). You are pretty much stuck. Trust me, I tried. Just suck it up’

But the truth is they only tried a few times and gave up.
You will not be able to change your career when you just try a few times. You need to try 100 times or even more.

The truth is some companies are willing to give candidates with the right attitude a go even you do not necessarily have strong industry experience.

2. You need to do further study to get into the office job

Working in the office seemed like a dream job when I was in the hospitality industry. Fixed hours, less physical work but better pay. What else do you need?

The same friend told me

‘You need to go through a formal study. Otherwise, you cannot get a job outside of hospitality.

Hana Kobayashi

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