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3 min readApr 15, 2021


7 things I wish I knew when I was in early 20.

A lot of my mature friends told me “I wish I have done this and that” when I was in early 20’s. Majority of their regrets were having more time to explore /play before they get married or settled down. And yet they still ask me when I’m getting married.

Only one person told me to look out for my future.

He said to me

What you do in your 20’s will build your 30’s. What you do in your 30’s will build your 40’s, you get where I’m going with this.”

I remember what he said to my heart and I did everything I can to live my life fully but I honestly wish I knew there were better guidance. I travelled to many countries and met a lot of people as if there were no tomorrow.

The below are something I learnt over a decade

  1. Focus on building confidence

Confidence is sexy

It is just like ‘if you do not love yourself, nobody will love you’, type of things. In some cases, it takes courage to be confident. You choose to be confident. You made a mistake? It will be alright because you will deal with it somehow. You cannot control happens to you but you can control how you deal with it. The more confident you are, the more people will come to you.

2. Educate yourself

Knowledge is Power

You do not necessary have to have Bachelor or PhD to educate yourself. You can read 5-10 minutes a day or listen to podcast 20 minutes a day. It will broaden your knowledge and make you an interesting and intelligent person. It will help you stay on the job or get a better job.

3. Invest in yourself

Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe — Albert Einstein

Bank Interests around the world are pretty much defeated by inflation. If you have some saving, do yourself a favour — invest your money!

ETFs are considered riskier options but are low maintenance and low capital.
Real estates are considered safe but require big cost and commitment.

If you are planning to reply on your partner or family inheritance, please think again. Your life may be dependent on them.

4. Practice gratitude

If you are grateful, you are not fearful. If you are fearful, you are not grateful



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