4 reasons to avoid watching TV after work

Hana Kobayashi
3 min readApr 4, 2021

Watching TV or digital contents such as Netflix after work is comforting for a lot of us.

Statistics show average Australians (above 14+) watch TV for 18 hours a week. It means many spend 2 hours + per day on watching TV.

Australian Bureau Statistics shows 2–4 year olds spent almost one and a half hours (83 minutes) per day in the sedentary activities. This includes watching TV and playing playing electronic games.

Many of my friends and colleagues are simply surprised when I tell them I don’t watch TV or any digital contents during the week.

This wasn’t actually my intention not to watch a TV or digital contents. In fact, I actually own a TV and have functional internet. It happened when I moved to a new place and TV needed a new adapter. I got busy with my life and I finally got used to not watching TV.

I actually built new habits by not watching TV. It definitely increased my productivity.

  1. You will have the time to build good habits

You will be surprised how much time you will have by not watching TV. You will have a chance to form new habits.

Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement – Atomic Habits

The more good systems and habits you build, the closer and faster you get to your goals. 7 habits of highly effective people talk about making ‘deposits’ to important elements of life. You spend more time on people if you want to improve relationships. You spend more time on health if you want to improve health. You will feel sense of achievements every evening because you are investing your time in yourself.

2. You will stop comparing myself to others

Comparison is the thief of joy

TV commercials are designed to create desires to sell products. It causes material aspiration. We unconsciously compare ourself to others thinking ‘I wish I look like her’ ‘I wish I had more money to buy to make me look good’

Conscious decision not to watch TV is good as you will not be influenced by this media telling you how you look and what to buy. You can focus on adding…

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